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Missin’ this. Will be back soon. Your work is always great!

I love this! The proportions are so groovy.

My best friend’s family is so generous. Yesterday was his birthday so I went around to visit him but I’ve got a cold so I was pretty drained. His dad made me two super healthy fresh juices, then found me some super healthy vitamins to take. His mum then got me a glass of wine. His brother drove us to a burger shop 40 mins away and his mum bought me a burger and cider. How ridiculously kind is that whole situation.

I just saw another pro-life post on Facebook with a bunch of comments that say “abortion is murder” and “people can’t have babies put them up for adoption. It’s not fair.” Go fuck yourselves and donate every fucking little glob of cum to a sperm bank, dick heads. Nothing makes me more angry than pro-life protesters. Their argument is always so fucking simple minded and one sided. It’s not like people have abortions for the fun of having a fetus sucked out of their vagina. It’s absolute hell and it impacts every part of your life for the rest of your life. The most offensive thing is that it is a perfectly acceptable and legal option, yet it’s shun and frowned upon with disgust. Pro-life or rather anti-abortion protestors just really hurt my feelings and get me so mad.


Adult Jazz, Gist

The Music | Henri Matisse

I feel sick and sad and I need a cuddle.

I have been craving Mexican non stop for weeks. I can eat Mexican and immediately want more Mexican. I’ve been really worried that maybe I’m pregnant and this afternoon I thought maybe I should take a pregnancy test…. But then I realised I’m actually on my period right now. I’m not pregnant. I’m a dummy who really likes Mexican food.


Pia Howell

Anonymous asked:

I'm at my boyfriends and I was just playing a game on his phone whilst mine was charging and I went back and saw on his recent calls that he'd called a girl he used to have a thing with. I want to ask him why he called her but it'll make it look like I was snooping but why would he call her? I just feel really anxious and upset but I think I'm just overreacting


This is weird, people never ask me things.

But my advice is: it could just be that he accidentally called her. I’m forever accidentally tapping the wrong name. You should just ask him if it upsets you though. It’s only going to erode your mind if you don’t. Just be straight and say you were using his phone and noticed he’d called her and you’d like to know why, in an adult manner. The worst thing you can ever do is get defensive so don’t try and cover your tracks or act like you didn’t check his call history. It’s most likely nothing at all or a completely logical reason.


were you ever really even there?oil, glitter, tulle, tempra on canvas