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Just spoke to dz boy on the phone for half an hour. I’m so smitten. I hardly know the guy but the true test is whether you can talk on the phone and not be awkward. The downfall is that while I was talking to him I couldn’t stop thinking about how much he sounded like someone else I knew. I realised it was Jye and that’s such a bummer. On the positive side he said he’s going to buy me socks in Europe. I hope he does bc the last boy that promised me socks in Europe forgot.

It’s really hard to be at work today. I made plans to go have a nice date with Teagan (Jye’s sister) and see her family. I love them all to pieces, even Jye. I also planned to see dz boy, he goes to Europe tomorrow and now I’ll have to wait forever to see him again. It’s awful weather and I feel lathargic. I just want to be cuddled up and anywhere but here.

Sometimes I lie around all week not knowing what to do with all my time. I am able to choose what I want to do the minute before and I can go play with my friends. But those weeks I don’t really earn any money. Last week was one of those weeks. Then I have weeks like this, where I work a lot and nothing goes to plan and I don’t get to do anything fun but I make soooo much money. It’s really unbalanced and it’s kind of hard to live like this.

shallowaterblackout asked:

How're you doing, miss?


I’m doing pretty good thanks.

sw0rdle asked:

I want pizza :(


Yeah. Pizza is v nice. Maybe consider ordering some? That’s my advice.

I’m kind of bummed out bc dz boy has been texting me every day telling me how bad he wanted to see me but tonight we were actually meant to see each other and he bailed. I’m so horny but I guess at least I have pizza.

sunday feeling / august 2014

Just bought a peanut butter cup flavoured smoothie. I now know heaven.

A big happy birthday to the most magical friend I’ve ever been given, my beautiful Teppi!

Pollard Willows and Setting Sun ~ Vincent Van Gogh