I had the most beautiful weekend full of waterfalls, the ocean, big trees, crystals, markets, swimming, and sex. Absolutely magical.

Pulls off the highway to order Mexican food over the phone.

I love Luke so much. Dating other men only remind me of my adoration for him and evoke the question of “Will anyone ever make me feel the way he makes me feel?” I’m only 21 but I do worry that I will spend a life comparing everyone to him and never being satisfied.

I’ve been dreaming of my clear Quartz I gave to Alex last week. I dream that he’s wearing it or I dream I’m receiving a crystal in replacement. I’m generally just missing it I guess. I was in the shower and I was wondering whether it was being thought of, or if it had already been displaced in its travels. I got out of the shower to see one of the Kingswood boys had sent me a photo of it tied to their gear. I’m a lot more content knowing it still exists in their lives.

My princess angel ~~

This is Luke. He looks so displeased but I’m so full of love.
The only time there are photos of me on the Internet they are awful and people see them. Ugh. This is me looking like a mustard coloured marshmallow.

Last night I covered a shift at work from 5pm - 9pm. To me, four hours is a pretty pointless shift but when I got there my favourite people were working and we decided to have a pizza party. So half an hour of my four hour shift was spent waiting at a local pizza shop. Then two more of my friends came to visit. We all just hung out and occasionally served some customers. I got paid $90 to hang out with my friends. Oh and there was a really good looking dog outside when I arrived. I spent like 20 minutes of my shift patting it. Life is a dream.


Vieira Rodrigues (Portuguese, b. 1947), Meteor, 2013. Enamel on acrylic glass, 100 x 90 cm.

I’ve got a gross chesty cough and I can’t stop coughing but I also bruised my tail bone really badly and every time I cough it really hurts my bumhole. Thank-you for listening, internet.

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Hello there :)


Hi! 👋


2014 acrylic painting

Underpants boy just asked to see me when he comes back to brissy on the 27th. He’s a pretty cool guy and very valuable to a fun social life but my god that’s a week away. I just saw him. Clingy boys everywhere.