Currently sitting on the couch with a sniffly nose and watery eyes, watching monsters inc and dying. Also this is my real hair not some sort of elongated animal nest/cheap wig. I’m a lady.

I’ve been thinking heaps about getting a little flower tattooed on my downstairs to symbolise virginity as a myth and that NO MAN WILL EVER DEFLOWER ME. My pussy is a beautiful and blooming with fertility. But for real I want to get a flower, like a sweet little daisy tattooed down there! How do you find cool people to tattoo your vagina?


Let’s Go For A Hike

One of my best friends is coming over in the morning and I’m going to cook her pancakes for breakfast. Then hopefully lover boy will come over and play with me. I’m looking forward to it greatly.

So room cleaning is now on day 4. This morning I have moved all the furniture and removed all my books (all my possessions) except my broken bed frame and I’m stuck bc I don’t know how to get it out of my room and it’s infuriating.

Dream boy (#^.^#)
~   Rumi   (via sapta-loka)

(Source: allmymetaphors)


(Suehiro Maruo)

Winston Chmielinski

I finished my rug and I actually love it! This is my dork face of excitement.

hey Kurt your tattoo has 204,000 notes
A year ago I decided to make a pom pom rug. It turned out to be a very bad impulse decision. This morning I’ve been stitching all these god damn pom poms onto A potato sack. I’ve never been more bored. Ugh. This is a lesson for everyone DON’T DO POM POM CRAFT! It’s a life regret.